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Dear Friends,
today I made the old record THE HOUSE AT THE WATER available as free download! Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!


Dear friends,
many music has been composed since the CULTES, COVENS, SINISTER RITES 7" has been released. It is extraordinary and nasty. But unfortunately it is not ready to be released yet. My hope is to finish my work late this year (maybe Halloween). One of the reasons for the delay is my addiction to play Party Poker with the people outside from my cave. Oh wait… not exactly true.
While Party Poker is nice, I am not really one of the guys with a poker face. Because as an undead you have no face. But then thinking again... what is the best Poker Face one can have? I guess it is a face without any movement right?

Anyway. As mentioned there is lots on going. I experiment not only with cards, it do it also with some strange instruments and sounds. This makes the composition process so difficult. Sometimes I use old instruments without any scales. I have to find out myself in which scale they play or how to get the right tune at the right moment.

Of course the story is another... uhm... story. With the next release there are 3 chances:

  • a concept album on Lovecrafts "The Music of Erich Zann"
  • a concept album on my own story "The seven cats of Ulthar"
  • an abstract topic about monotonie - basically with more sounds than lyrics
Well, I have the choice. You have too, if you dare to write me.
All for the moment. See you on Party Poker. Watch out for the guy without a face.
Yours sincerly,
Cy Ghul


CULTES, COVENS, SINISTER RITES CULTES, COVENS, SINISTER RITES is a 7" which has been recorded together with FAUSTCOVEN from Norway. It has been released in May 2010 on IRON TYRANT.

IRON TYRANT already sells this little jewel as a transparent vinyl or as a classic black vinyl.

VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE has written a great review on it.


The Story of Dagon The Story of Dagon THE STORY OF DAGON is available as a free Download - completly legal and without annoying side effects. Visit the Ghul download pages or click here to start a direct download.

It's Halloween 2009 and there is another story to tell. It's the story of DAGON - written by the Master of Fear, H. P. Lovecraft. THE STORY OF DAGOn is a concept album in the style of a radio play. You can download it or buy it at the GHUL SHOP as a complete book.

A Book? Yes - it contains the original story of Lovecraft, a translation into german, the (german) lyrics, background information and some images. 52 Pages - but no hardcover. Of course a CD-R of THE STORY OF DAGON is included. As far as we know, it's the first release of its kind.

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