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What CULTES DES GOULES really means

Cy Ghul in 2006 "After longs years of beeing a musician, i always heard that one have to play guitars to compose. I heard that Scorpions are professionals and Black Metal musicians are not. Sometimes my ideas where loved, sometimes they said: "that's to insane" or simply "that's shit". I am suffering from tinnitus and my hands are damaged cause of too much drumming. I had to rethink the whole music thing, and now I am quite sure i don't get it managed to be a second Dave Lombardo someday.

At the end i decided to recall the ghosts of DOMINATION and leave behind the world of todays music scene and wander in the musical catacombs. I don't care any longer if some say i am a good musician or a bad one. I don't listen to comments at my music. In fact, this isn't a easy task cause you ALWAYS listen to what people say. But I try hard to ignore everything, except for interesting critiques which helps me to improve the music.

Of course i know as long as i create music i am part of the scene, but i don't want to meet the people, and so i don't. I don't want to drink beer with em. I started stating with saying:"i don't want to play concerts". Well, i don't want to, but i will probably do that in the future. But this is an open issue and we won't resolve this question in near future. At the end, we all do this for our own pleasure. Don't expect us to do more than that music.
No trades. No cheap promos. No concerts. No beer." - Cy Ghul, June 2007


The CULTES DES GOULES is a book written by Comte d Erlette in 1702 or 1703. People are unsure about that. It is probably fiction of the authors of the Cthulhu mythos, especially of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Bloch (who was a friend of Lovecraft and later wrote the book PSYCHO, which was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock). The book describes the (sexual) rituals of an macabre persian ghoul cult and is sometimes mentioned in different Cthulhu storys. Of course I have an issue in my library, like some of you. It's near of my grandfathers books collection. He had some strange other books, like UNAUSPRECHLICHE KULTEN or some weird thing called the NECRONOMICON. I will probably read those one day ;-)

About the name CULTES DES GOULES

Compared to Juntz "Unausprechliche Kulte" or "De Vermiis Mysteries" (other okkult books) this name is more impressiv (for my taste). A Ghoul is a very underrated topic in todays music scene. Additionally, there are not many bands with a french name. At the end I simply have choosen this name cause I liked the sound and the Ghul-Storys.
There are several other small projects using this name as CD title or something else, so please don't get confused. We only have released what is listed at Releases.