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The People behind CULTES DES GOULES

All people spending more than one evening in musicial work since the beginning of CULTES DES GOULES are listed here.

Cy Ghul

Cy Ghul in 2006 Cy has founded DOMINATION with Timothy in 1999 and now resurected it as CULTES DES GOULES. He is always reading some old books. Lovecraft, Poe and the other writers are an important part in his life. Many lyrics he wrote where inspired by these people, and CULTES DES GOULES now is part of these dark universes. Before that, he played in several Bands.

Most important are:

  • THARGOS, 1995-2007
  • DOMINATION, 1999-2000
  • WIZZARD, 1997,2001,2003

Contributers in any kind

Former Members

  • Timothy (Roadkill13, Domination, Thargos)
  • Azmo (Roadkill13)