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Howard Phillips Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft CULTES DES GOULES has been inspired by several writers. From all of them, Mr. Lovecraft is the most important one. I read all of his stories more than one time and meanwhile i am so familiar to Cthulhu that i actually can write lyrics playing withing this mythos. Well, currently i leave this most times to Lovecraft and just use his poems or excerpts from his lyrics for the vocals in CULTES DES GOULES.

Lovecraft has been born back in 1890 in Providence, Rhode Islands. His father died probably on siphylis when Lovecraft was three years old. With eight he had psychic and physic problems and didn't visit regularly a school which he could visit again on a regular basis when he was 13. As his grandfather died, the family went poor.

When he was a young man he started to communicate mostly via mail. To his friends counted for example Robert E. Howard, who is another author which CULTES DES GOULES wants to honour. Mr. Howard comitted suicide later and Mr. Lovecraft was desperate about this. 1923 he wrote his first professional publication for WEIRD TALES.

He liked the atmosphere of 18th century and thought that 19th century is kind of barbarism. Hi mails was dated at 200 years ago on a regular basis. Since 1936 he suffered on cancer and he died several years later.